Power Supply Test System

Power Supply Test System

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Model: ITS9500

Maker: Itech

ITS9500 power supply test system is a convenient,practical and cost-efficient testing system,it designed for switching power supply test.The standard 5U unit integrates electronic loads,programmable AC power supplies,programmable DC power supplies,noise analyzers,timeing analyzers,digital electric meters,oscilloscope,I/O card and other instruments, ITS9500 can be installed on the counter top or inside a standard cabinet. The system provides 80 test items and through the powerful automatic test software of ITS9500, users can select test items based on the charscteristics of the DUT to easily complete the test process. ITS9500 can be widely applied for testing AC and DC power supply, power converters, chargers, car charger and other products of the test.


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