Battery Charge & Discharge Test System

Battery Charge & Discharge Test System

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Model: ITS5300

Maker: Itech

ITS5300 battery charge and discharge test system is designed for a variety of power batteries (lead acid, nickel hydrogen, lithium batteries, super capacitors, hydrogen fuel cells, etc.) for performance testing.ITS5300 test system can be used in performance testing of a hundred or more battery packs or 200 cells in the battery packs at one time,
remarkably improving the testing efficiency and capacity of the production line. ITS5300 test system consists of ITECH power supply, electronic load, internal resistance tester, temperature acquisition and other products with professional battery test software components, high degree of automation and high stability. ITS5300 is the best choice for user testing.


ITS5300 Battery Charge & Discharge Test System (“ITS5300 Test System” ) is designed for testing the performances of power batteries of all kinds (lead, NI-MH and lithium batteries, supercapacitor, hydrogen cell, etc.). It can simulate various equivalent working conditions which electric vehicle battery pack should face. Through real-time monitoring on battery cell parameters (e.g. voltage, internal resistance, temperature etc.), IT5300 provides multiple protections on battery cell, includes over voltage protection, under voltage protection, over current protection, over heat protection to achieve battery balanced charging & discharging.

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