Precision Impedance Analyzer 10Hz~3/5/10/20/30MHz

Precision Impedance Analyzer 10Hz~3/5/10/20/30MHz

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Model: 6632

Maker: Microtest

The test frequency of the 6632 Precision Impedance Analyzer is DC 10Hz-30MHz and the test signal is 10mV-2Vrms (min. resolution 1mV), and is suitable for the LCR and DCR testes of AC signals. The measurement in a continuously changing environment can be executed stage-by-stage with the test frequency and grade, and high-speed continuous tests can be performed under different test and mode conditions. The machine also supports RS232, LAN, USB and GPIB PC connection capabilities to improve the design and test efficiency significantly. MICROTEST 6632 impedance analyzer also provides fixtures for material dielectric permittivity measurement that allows PCB designed engineers to reduce the faulty conditions with the comprehensive information of permittivity while designing PCB layouts.




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