Photovoltaic / solar simulator power supply

Photovoltaic / solar simulator power supply

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Model: IT6500C

Maker: Itech

ITECH launches latest high speed high performance photovoltaic / solar simulation power supply, adopting IT6500C series high power DC power supply equipped with SAS1000 solar array simulation software can accurately simulate the solar array I-V curve, maximum voltage up to 1000V, power can be extended to 100KW. It is with fast response time, control, repeatability, high stability, precision and other characteristics. The model IT6500C have a built-in EN50530 / Sandia / NB/T32004 / CGC/GF004 / CGC/GF035’s SAS model that can easily program test regulations, materials, Vmp, Pmp parameters, so as to simulate I-V curve characteristic output and generate reports, and can be applied in test the static & dynamic maximum power tracking performance of photovoltaic inverters.


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